Chisara Ventures Inc. (CVi) is your trusted adviser in business. At CVi, we understand growth in business requires change and flexibility. We help leaders develop strategies to anticipate and manage growth, to advance their businesses and to turn their passion into economic power.

Since 2002, our founder has been advising business leaders, teams and entrepreneurs across multiple industries and organizations. In 2012, she began providing management consulting services to start-ups leaders and business teams. In 2017, she expanded the vision of CVi to include three distinct practices:

  1. Strategic Advising for start-up executives, founders and teams

  2. Franchise consulting, through The Franchise VEN.

  3. Business coaching for individual business leaders and boards

Are you ready to step into the future with us? Contact us! We’re excited to work with you.

Click below for information regarding the Founder and CEO of Chisara Ventures, Inc., Lebone C. Moses.

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