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Chief Risk & Compliance Office Services

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Executive Risk and Compliance services focused on "fit-for-purpose" programs (including but not limited to HIPAA, NIST, SOX).

Organizational Strategy & Leadership Positioning

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Leadership Optimization Services

Leadership positioning and human capital strategies for effective succession planning and alignment to strategic plans.

Startup and Venture Capital Advising


Strategic Advising

Governance and guidance on business strategy, investor relations, financing, valuation, deal flow and due diligence.

Journey to a new horizon with your trusted adviser in business.


Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

“Thank you so much … All of the information that was given was exactly what I needed to get the ball moving. The professionalism was excellent and your knowledge of what is needed for startup businesses was great! I could have not gone wrong with talking to you. Thank you so much and I pray great success and increase for your business!”

Shelley Raymond, Entrepreneur

“[My advisor] was very helpful and extremely insightful in regard to what my startup company should be categorized as, as well as knowledgeable in avenues I could take in raising revenue.  …Having the options of communication (call, video chat) was pretty helpful as well.  I chose the video chat and it was nice to be able to see a face with a voice.”

Allison Dixon, Founder/CEO, UK Kore

"[Our advisor] helped us understand one of the most important activities for any entrepreneur, raising capital. ...[The] guidance was both well-informed, honest and unique to our business' unique situation."

Mike Johnson and Koray Benson, Co-Founders, MKP Products, LLC

“I would … recommend if you are starting out in your own business and you want quality experience and advice that will give you rapid results, reach out to Chisara Ventures!!  [My advisor gave] key nuggets that saved me from being in the red before I even started…!!!”

Lonnette Rhone, Total Life Changes IBO - Team 2nd Chance

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